RCA Phono Female Socket to BNC Male Plug Connector Adaptor x 4

  • £2.25

High Quality Phono to BNC adapters used to convert any RCA Phono to BNC Plug

Typically these adapters are used by CCTV equipment, Can be used to connect CCTV camera to TV, VCR or DVR, use regular RCA cables

Convert RCA Male Plug to BNC Plug Coax Adapter Connector

BNC locking mechanism designed for the easiest, highest quality connection

Suitable for converting a phono plug connection to a BNC plug. Useful for connection to CCTV monitors and to older video equipment which uses BNC connectors. Use of this adaptor converts the BNC video input or output to a phono connection. Phono connecting leads are more widely available and the use of this adaptor facilitates their use.